Launching Googalytics, premium app for Windows 8 / RT

by Leon Cullens 15. oktober 2013 00:00

We're proud to announce that Googalytics has been launched today. Googalytics is a premium Google Analytics app for Windows 8 / RT.

Google apps

The Windows 8 platform and its app store (the Windows Store) are fast growing platforms in both market share and amount of apps. Google however decided not to launch any apps for the Windows 8 platform. This means there is a high demand for high quality third-party apps for popular Google services. We decided to fill up that gap by creating a high quality Google Analytics app. Of course there were already other Google Analytics apps for Windows 8, but they were of very poor quality and didn't stick to Microsoft's design principles. Our goal is to create the best Google Analytics app for Windows 8 and get into the select list of top apps on the platform.


The app currently consists of a dashboard that shows the most important metrics. On the dashboard you can see how many visitors, pageviews and unique visitors you had, how long your users spent on your website, what content was most viewed, etc. You can zoom in on any of this data by selecting one of the metrics, which will show the data in the large main graph.

The app is fully optimized for both touch and the keyboard/mouse combination. This means that the app is very easy to use on both tablets (Windows 8/RT), desktops and laptops (Windows 8). The great support for touch has partly been accomplished by using the very high quality components from Telerik.

The app also supports 'live tiles'. This means that the app's tile (icon) can also display data. Googalytics displays the most important metrics for your website right on your start screen so you can see how your website is doing, without even opening the app. The tile is available in different sizes: small, medium and wide. The data that is displayed on the live tile can be configured in the settings menu of the app.

Roadmap & availability

The app is available now in the Windows Store for €6,49 / $7.99. It should be noted that this is just the initial version of the app, there's a lot more to come. When you purchase the app, you will receive regular updates based on use feedback. That means that we're actively asking customers for feedback on what features they would like to see in the next version of Googalytics, so we can build those features that you want most. The app is going to be a LOT bigger in the coming months, we have some very exciting updates for you.

The app can be downloaded in the Windows Store at:

Update 15-10-2013

This is what Google had to say about our app:

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Quotegram United States
29-10-2013 22:19:48 #

Congrats! That's a nice and clean design. Would love to hear some more details on some of your development experience while doing this app.


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