An introduction to unit testing: Conclusion & comments

by Leon Cullens 22. februari 2012 21:52

Now that we've come to an end you hopefully have a good understanding of how to make your software testable, how to write unit tests, what the best practices are and what TDD is. Unit testing proves itself as a very valuable technique to constantly validate if your software is still working (regression testing) and it enables you to automate a large part of your testing process. However,More...

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An introduction to unit testing: Step-by-step walkthrough

by Leon Cullens 22. februari 2012 19:34

Now that you probably have a good grasp on the basics of unit testing, you probably want to see some examples that put all of this knowledge together. This chapter will do just that; I built a little simple ASP.NET MVC 3 application that allows us to withdraw money from an account, deposit money on an account and transfer money to another account. I kept everything very simple, ignoring lots of best-practices to keep the unit testing as easy as possible. More...

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An introduction to unit testing: How do unit tests work?

by Leon Cullens 22. februari 2012 18:34

Now that you know what test-first means and how you can build a testable architecture, you are ready to start writing some real unit tests. This chapter will explain what kind of assertions you have, how a good unit test is set up and more. More...

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An introduction to unit testing: How to build a testable architecture?

by Leon Cullens 11. februari 2012 16:48

In order to be able to test your software without applying many dirty hacks, you have to embrace a couple of architectural patterns that allow you to isolate the pieces of code that you want to test. I will explain a few principles that are crucial if you want to build good, testable software. More...

An introduction to unit testing: What is test-first?

by Leon Cullens 6. februari 2012 23:50

There is a practice that states that one should write tests before writing the code itself. This is often referred to as test-first or test-driven development (TDD). It is a practice that has some nice benefits, that's why I decided to tell you a little bit about it in this article. Before I explain the pros and cons of TDD I will explain how it works first. More...

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An introduction to unit testing: What is unit testing?

by Leon Cullens 6. februari 2012 23:45

In this series of blog posts I will try to give the reader a good understanding of unit testing and the most important things that are associated with it. Nowadays unit testing is a very common practice that every software developer should know about. In this series of articles you will read about the purpose of unit testing, test-first (TDD), building testable software architectures and of course the unit testing itself. My samples are written in C# 4.0 using ASP.NET MVC3, Ninject, Moq and MSTest, but I will provide links and information about other frameworks as well. The principles of unit testing are pretty much all the same on other platforms, so even if you are a Java or PHP programmer you can follow this guide. More...

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