Why app store ratings are broken

by Leon Cullens 30. april 2013 02:06

App ratings in mobile app stores are really broken. This post is mostly about the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store but may apply to Android and iOS as well. More...

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8 Things clients need to learn about software development

by Leon Cullens 1. januari 2012 21:54

The IT sector lends itself very well for working as a freelancer. A lot of software developers actually have some freelancing experience. A lot of books and articles have been written about pleasing the client and delivering the right software at the right moment. Far less articles however have been written about the way clients should behave. That fact that clients pay our bills in the end doesn't mean we should tolerate their, sometimes, very rude behavior. This rant contains the subjects that, I think, are the most important. More...

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