Microsoft approves major update for WP8 Kraken app that adds bitcoin trading

by Leon Cullens 24. januari 2014 22:50

I just released a major update for my Kraken app for Windows Phone 8. Kraken is a United States based cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to trade their euros/dollars for bitcoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Kraken is aimed at people who have experience with forex trading. Here's what this update adds, and why it's big news. More...

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Kraken (bitcoin) app for Windows Phone 8

by Leon Cullens 8. december 2013 17:20

I just launched the unofficial Windows Phone 8 app for Kraken, a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange. More...

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Launching Googalytics, premium app for Windows 8 / RT

by Leon Cullens 15. oktober 2013 00:00

We're proud to announce that Googalytics has been launched today. Googalytics is a premium Google Analytics app for Windows 8 / RT. More...

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How to capture Windows 8 app traffic with Fiddler

by Leon Cullens 13. september 2013 21:10

One of my favorite development tools is Fiddler. It's a really useful tool that allows you to see what requests your app is performing, and you can create new requests that can interact with your app/API. Here's how you can get it working with Windows 8 apps, and why it's useful.More...

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Windows 8

Start your own library and pre-register for Bookshuffle now!

by Leon Cullens 25. mei 2013 23:04

Do you have a bookcase full of books that you once read but don't use any more? You are not alone! Bookshuffle is the perfect solution to give these books a new purpose.More...

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Why app store ratings are broken

by Leon Cullens 30. april 2013 02:06

App ratings in mobile app stores are really broken. This post is mostly about the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store but may apply to Android and iOS as well. More...

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Windows 8 app marketing tool

by Leon Cullens 13. april 2013 00:46

We're pleased to announce that our Windows 8 app marketing tool has been launched! More...

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Pre-register for our Windows 8 marketing tool!

by Leon Cullens 26. januari 2013 17:08

Are you a Windows 8 developer? We are building a free marketing tool that lets you create great marketing material for your app in no-time. More...

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Full-Text Search on Azure with Lucene.NET

by Leon Cullens 18. november 2012 15:50

Full-Text Search is a very powerful feature that can be used for a wide range of business scenarios such as building a search engine. The problem is that Full-Text Indexes aren't supported in the current version of SQL Azure, so we have to use Lucene.NET for this. At the moment of writing, Lucene.NET does not work with the latest Azure SDK, so we had to fix that. In this post I will describe how I got Lucene.NET working on Azure with SDK 1.8. More...

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Windows Azure

Using OAuth 2 in WinRT using C#: it has never been easier before

by Leon Cullens 26. september 2012 18:24

WinRT has a built-in authentication client that can be used to authenticate users through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google, etc. This post covers the process of authenticating users with Google. More...

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Windows 8


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