Launching Googalytics, premium app for Windows 8 / RT

by Leon Cullens 15. oktober 2013 00:00

We're proud to announce that Googalytics has been launched today. Googalytics is a premium Google Analytics app for Windows 8 / RT. More...

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Start your own library and pre-register for Bookshuffle now!

by Leon Cullens 25. mei 2013 23:04

Do you have a bookcase full of books that you once read but don't use any more? You are not alone! Bookshuffle is the perfect solution to give these books a new purpose.More...

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Tips to start a cost-effective startup

by Leon Cullens 22. april 2012 02:49

Two years ago I started my first company, called Tweakplanet, a simple company that provides software development services to customers. This taught me a lot of things, but mostly how to work cost-effectively. Here are some great tips for anyone who wants to start her own business. More...

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Name: Leon Cullens
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Job: Software Engineer / Entrepreneur
Studied: Computer Science 
Main skills: Microsoft technology (Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Windows 8, C#, SQL Server, Entity Framework), software architecture (enterprise architecture, design patterns), Marketing, growth hacking, entrepreneurship


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