Essential guide to ASP.NET MVC3 performance

by Leon Cullens 24. december 2011 15:18

The .NET CLR can give your web application a significant performance boost compared to other platforms such as PHP due to it's compiled nature. Not only does your .NET code perform better because it's more low-level, it also comes with good support for parallel programming. This guide will not explain the basics of a responsive and fast web application by talking about CSS minifying, sprites, content delivery networks, etc. Instead this guide will be an essential guide for making sure you don't miss any features that can enhance the performance of your ASP.NET MVC3 application. More...

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Fixing MySQL's InnoDB poor COUNT() performance in 3 easy steps.

by Leon Cullens 21. december 2011 09:36

During my internship at sound of data I had to build a management interface that enabled the user to view the push messages our platform (IRIS) sent to our clients. The amount of messages we are sending on a daily base are immense, so I had to come up with a good way to display this data pretty much on the fly. I ran into a lot of issues (all of which I've fixed), but the main problem was MySQL's InnoDB very poor COUNT() performance when iterating through ~2 million lines of test data I've inserted into the database. I found a nice work-around for this problem that speeded up querying the amount of rows in the database by a factor ~million. More...

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