Microsoft approves major update for WP8 Kraken app that adds bitcoin trading

by Leon Cullens 24. januari 2014 22:50

I just released a major update for my Kraken app for Windows Phone 8. Kraken is a United States based cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to trade their euros/dollars for bitcoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Kraken is aimed at people who have experience with forex trading. Here's what this update adds, and why it's big news. More...

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Why app store ratings are broken

by Leon Cullens 30. april 2013 02:06

App ratings in mobile app stores are really broken. This post is mostly about the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store but may apply to Android and iOS as well. More...

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4 Good reasons why you need to develop metro software for Windows 8

by Leon Cullens 30. april 2012 16:00

In this little post I explain why I think that you'll need to start developing for Windows 8 if you want to be part of the next big thing. Here are four good reasons, ordered by increasing importance. More...

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